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"China Fashion Power asks: How is China’s global power exercised and negotiated through the Chinese-African networks and social interactions involved in the production, trade, retailing and consumption of ordinary fashion, and what are the entailed meanings and forms of creativity, authenticity, cultural mediation, and consumer agency?"


Atchulo, F. M., & Kanis, L. N. (2024). Book Review: Kenya’s and Zambia’s relations with China 1949-2019. Global Media and China, 9(1), 126-130.

von Pezold, J. (2023). Global China and everyday mediation in the Global South: Selling Chinese fashion in Mozambique via WhatsApp. Global Media and China, 0(0).


Li, X., Tsang, L. T., & Tse, T. (2023). Pluralising China as Method: Decolonising cultural mediations in the global South. Global Media and China, 8(4), 433-441.


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